3 At Home Workouts

April 5, 2017
Workout #1 20 minute AMRAP (As many rounds as possible) 5 Push Ups (Go to knees if needed) 10 Sit Ups 15 Air Squats (Get as close to parallel as possible) 200m run or walk Workout #2 10-minute AMRAP 10 Lunges 20-second plank hold 10 burpees After 10 minutes go for a 1-mile run/walk cool down around the house Workout #3 15-minute AMRAP 15 Step ups (find a sturdy box or platform that challenges you) 15 Sit ups 15 Air Squ

Is CrossFit For Me?

November 21, 2016
Is CrossFit For Me? Ah! CrossFit is a scary word right? Some of you might automatically think,"Not for me. No way I can do that. Impossible." Sorry in advance, but we're here to inform you that you're completely wrong, but wait, don't get mad. See, this is a good thing, because the fact that you can do CrossFit no matter where you are in your fitness life, means that you can start kicking butt, and taking names right now Here are a few peo


Survive the Holidays 21 Day Fitness Challenge The holidays are fast approaching! From Halloween candy to Thanksgiving dinner to all the holiday parties and treats. Why wait until January to work off all that additional weight? Get ahead of the bulge by joining our 21 Day fitness challenge. Challenge begins on November 2nd and runs through November 23rd. Here are the details: Schedule: Mon-Wed-Fri 5:15 & 6:15pm Ra